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Our 3Doopic Service.

The retail industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries to make use of 3D rendering. 3D rendered product images are offering customers a new way of interacting with products through VR & AR and also allows a seller to easily visualize new products.

Our 3D rendering service offers a turnkey solution to cost-effectively visualize your new or existing products in photo-realistic 3D. Whether you have furniture, technical equipment, or any other products – we offer a tailor-made solution to suit your 3D visualization needs.

Home and living

Because of the high costs and time involved during traditional product photography, the home and living industry is making use of 3D rendering to cut down on time and unnecessary costs. Traditionally products must be shipped from where they are produced, assembled and stored. This creates a logistical challenge before you get to the point of being able to photograph the product for your website or catalogue.

3D rendering allows you to render the products photo-realistically in a setting without needing to physically have the product in your possession. Often, the product hasn’t been produced, only conceptualized and needs to be visualized. 3D rendering gives you the flexibility to change the size, texture and colour of the product quickly and effortlessly.


3D rendering allows you to visualise your concepts, giving you the possibility to view your products in various colours, sizes and textures before making a final production decision. 3D will save you time by giving you the flexibility to make changes as the product develops.

3D rendering also allows you to showcase your products optimally online and in catalogues. It’s also faster to create specific computer parts in 3D rather than having to photograph them.

We have extensive experience in this field. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss.


In the fashion industry, colours and fabric textures are important to show as accurately as possible to boost sales, avoid returns and bring the product to life.

3D rendering allows you to create an article before it has been produced, change the fabric, or colour before having to make the final production decision. 3D also allows customers a more interactive way of viewing products, either through VR or 360 degree view on devices. The better the customer can experience the product, the more likely they are to make a purchase.


All 3D models can also be exported as pure 3D models so you can use them within your AR & VR apps. Through our partners, we offer holistic solutions for the perfect representation and integration of your products online.

Offer your customers the opportunity to experience your products or services in VR (Virtual Reality) or AR (Augmented Reality).


Today, 3D renderings are virtually indistinguishable from real product photography and offer you many advantages compared to traditional photography:

  We create up to 100 models in a week.

  Product presentation from all perspectives is easily possible. 360-degree view.

  Changes to the product such as colour and texture can easily be implemented and presented to the customer without having to re-create the product.

Price overview *Prices excl. VAT.

1. Clipping – From 199€*

After handing over your briefing documents, we will create a digital clipped 3D model. You will receive this in 5 different views to use for advertising or presentations. 

  Modeling Texturing/Material Rendering
  5 x 2D clipped models in different views on a white background
  Each additional colour variant from 30€ 

2. Scene – From 399€*

Show your product in a realistic setting, and still keep the focus on a specific product. 

 Modeling Texturing/Material Rendering
 5 x 2D clipped models in different views on a white background
 1 x Clipped model
 1 x 2D Product in a setting
  Each additional colour variant from 30€ 

3. Video – From 499€*

Here, the product is displayed within a motion picture scenario. The camera movements and angles can be chosen.

 Modeling Texturing / Material Rendering
1 x 2D Product in a setting
 1 x 3D model for use in AR / VR
 Camera movement along the product

4. All Inclusive – From 699€*

  Modeling Texturing/Material Rendering
  5 x 2D clipped models in different views on a white background
  1 x Clipped model
  1 x 2D Product in a setting
1 x 3D model for use in AR / VR
  Camera movement along with the product
  Each additional colour variant from 30€

If none of the offers above suit your needs,

please contact us to receive a custom offer.