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Through different and detailed product views, offer your customers a professional overview of your products when selling on Amazon or eBay. Offering your customers a comprehensive overview of your products increases sales and reduces return rates.

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Minimum requirements
for product images on Amazon

The following requirements should apply to your photos when uploading to Amazon to avoid the visual and technical testing by Amazon. (the requirements for different products may differ)


Formats: JPG is preferred, PNG, TIFF,
and GIF are accepted

Only photos are allowed, no line drawings

The object or subject must occupy
about 85% of the image


sRGB colour mode, 8 bits per channel


Resolution: 72 DPI, Ratio 3:4


Pure white background (hex #ffffff) – photography against white background
is not enough


For the zoom function, the longest side must have at least 1600 pixels


No frame, no text (except text on the product itself), no watermarks, no information leading away from amazon.com

Individual product categories have
further requirements to which we
can gladly advise you

It’s possible to upload up to 8 images of a single product, allowing the product to be presented from multiple angles or to be shown with accessories. With all the strict guidelines it could take a bit of time to process all 8 images accordingly.
Our expert graphic designers will gladly assist you with the processing of your images in record time.

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Minimum requirements
for product images on eBay

Although not quite as extensive as Amazon, eBay also has specific criteria for your product images and “gallery pictures”. This criteria also require revision of the product photos and can also vary in different product areas:


Minimum image size: 500 pixels,
1,600 pixels are recommended


Neutral background


No text, no graphics, no frame

No standard or catalogue picture
for used products

Watermark may not obscure products,
max. 5% of the picture, max. Opacity 50%

The product offers on eBay must contain at least one photo to be published. We can help you focus on other tasks by professionally editing your images according to eBay standards. After completion, upload the images conveniently via our interface into your eBay account.

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Optimise images
for other marketplaces

We can also optimise your pictures for other marketplaces like Rakuten, Otto and Co.

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