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How to get a white background on pictures? (Photoshop guide)

23 April 2019

When visiting marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you will notice a similarity in the way their images are displayed. On a white background. Most online stores also present their pictures in such a way for two simple reasons.

  1. A white background doesn’t distract the customer from the product.
  2. It keeps a uniform look and creates consistency which is easier on the eye.   

When it comes to processing your images, you can either do it yourself or get a professional service to help you. Doing it yourself is relatively easy depending on your experience, but could be time-consuming if you have a huge amount of images or your needs are a little more than basic.

Doopic edits over 15 000 images per day, so depending on the scale of your project it might make sense to outsource your image editing needs.

Getting a white background with Photoshop

Clipping an image is easier when the subject is photographed in front of a uniform background.  Professional photographers will always try and photograph products on a white background to make the post-processing faster and easier. For beginners product, photography could be a little overwhelming and knowing the basics will save you time and money. Read our post about product photography to get to grips with the basics of product photography.

A question that often comes up is; why clip the image if I can take a picture on a white background? The answer is simple. It’s practically impossible to achieve a pure white background, and you will almost always be left with a yellowish grey background. To guarantee consistent results image clipping is essential. Because of these possible inconsistencies, marketplaces like Amazon and eBay set strict guidelines to assure a consistent user experience.

But clipped images is not only favourable for Marketplaces but is also for e-commerce sites. Consistent images create a uniform user experience which builds trust and will in return convert better.   

At Doopic we work with Photoshop’s Professional suite. Below we will give you a step by step tutorial on how to clip your first image with photoshop’s Professional Suite.

If this proves to be too time-consuming, please try us out free of charge and consider outsourcing your clipping needs.

Selecting the following options:

Image -> Adjustments -> Levels

Now you will find the symbols of three pipettes on the bottom right.

Move now with the mouse on the right pipette, you get the information text “Sample in image to set white point.”

Just click on this pipette and then on the darkest part on the background. The background will immediately change to pure white.

Image editing by the professionals

When it comes to image editing, there are a lot of ways to enhance your product images. Through colouration, cropping, retouching models or getting your images marketplace ready. This could be overwhelming if you are not entirely confident using photo editing software.

Image editing at Doopic

If your image editing needs are a little more than basic, then it might be worth getting help from a professional service to process your images.

Image editing at Doopic

Doopic works with over 4000 online stores, and we edit more than 15 000 images daily. We understand product images and how important it is for you and your customer.

Although the latest image editing software solutions can do a great deal, they are usually limited by the lack of expertise of the user. Most people can not use all the features and feel overwhelmed, given the many options. The importance of executing your product images at a high level is crucial in building trust with your customer. This trust factor will support your customers’ decision to make a purchase. Thus your product images are one of the essential components of your online shop.


Visual product presentation is an outstanding criterion when it comes to selling products over the Internet. First, the site visitor wants to get to know the product as best as possible to gain trust. Neutral backgrounds will only focus on the product.

In any case, neutral pictures are, and they should be shown from several perspectives. The correct colours of the products also play a major role. Complaints and returns are reduced, and on top of that, the whole appearance looks more professional.

(Product) Images are the alpha and omega of online sales because it’s the most crucial selling point. Therefore, one should treat the subject with the utmost diligence and care.

We at Doopic will be happy to help. Contact us today

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