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Should I use a model in my product images?

Your product images plays an important role in the success of your online store. Your customer needs to experience the product the best way they can through your website. This means offering your customers high-quality detailed images with different views and angles. The customer should be able to make a decision with only the product images. This frequently raises the question of whether to use a model in your product images. Below we will be looking at some advantages and disadvantages that could help you make the right decision. 


Advantages of using a model.

1. A model could make your product more relatable.  

2. Garment features and characteristics are better observed on a model than without. 

3. If you use a model you can show more than one product at a time.

4. Model could show the values of your brand. 

Disadvantages of using a model.

1. A model can distract from the product.

2. A model is expensive to hire especially when you are getting new products regularly. 

3. A model might not resonate with your potential customers. 

Other factors to consider when making your decision

1. The first question is obviously what type of product it is. If you are selling tools then it wouldn’t make sense to have a model (in most cases) but when you have jewellery or clothes the answer becomes trickier.

2. The second question to help make your decision would be to know where you would like to sell your images. In marketplaces like Amazon you are not allowed to only have photos of models. Your main image must be the product only (read more about our Amazon product image guidelines) and your gallery image is allowed to have a model (with some restrictions and guidelines)  If you are however selling on your own online store then you are free to do whatever your heart desires.

3. The third and probably the most important factor to look at is your budget. Getting a model could be very expensive. If you are selling clothes then you would have to hire a model each time there is a new season or product. 


It must be clearly stated that the most important feature of a good product image is the quality. It has to be sharp, vibrant and not show any dust, creases or shadows. Having low-quality product images will not convince your customers to spend their money and most of all it sets the tone for your online store. 

High-quality product images will have a direct effect on sales and also reduce costs by reducing returns. Making use of a model is great to put products into context and to evoke emotions. But this must be done professionally. In most cases going without a model would be a safer option.

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