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Why are clipped images important for an online shop?

Why are clipped images important for an online shop?

03 Sept 2018

Clipping images are especially important for online shops to keep the focus on the product and not distract the customers.  Also, it’s a great way to keep your website uniform.

What is meant by “clipping”?

Clipping means separating individual elements of one image from the others. For product photos, this means to separate the background from the image and thus create a neutral-looking image with a white background.

Avoid distraction

The white background lets the customer only look at what’s essential: the product. A white background is neutral and does not distract the customer. In addition, it helps the potential buyer to take an objective look at the product.

A “normal” background usually not only shows the product but could also give wrong information or impression about the product. Example: A football enthusiast wants to buy a water bottle and looks in various online stores for sports water bottles.

He overlooks a product that’s not clipping featuring a muscular model relating to another sport. The potential football fan overlooks the product subconsciously as it does not suit his sport. A clipped product image would have had neutral background that could relate to anybody.

Clipping images avoids distraction and confusion. For exactly the same reasons, marketplaces like Amazon or eBay make use clipped images. Furthermore, a product image should at first glance have a positive effect and give the potential customer an idea of the product, service and company.  

Clipping product images are standard practice for many of the larger online stores.

Have your images clipped professionally.

The first instinct usually is to try and clip your images yourself. If you only have a few images and the necessary photoshop skills then this could be an option. The problem comes in when you have hundreds or even thousands of images that need to be clipped. Generally, online stores will have hundreds or thousands of products, and each product would need at least one image. 

Clipped Images

Clipping images are usually an ongoing process because you would add new images as your product range grows and new products become available. Outsourcing your photo editing needs is fast becoming a standard practice for online stores. It’s the most affordable way of clipping images and will save you loads of time. You can process thousands of images within 8-48hours.Which would normally be impossible to do on your own.


Clipping product images are standard practice for many of the larger online stores. Think of Amazon. It’s a quick and affordable way to get your images online and start selling. The visual presentation of your product online should be done in a way to convert customers and not distract them unnecessarily. Also, the image should accurately describe and present your product in order to avoid returns.

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