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Why are clipped images important for an online shop?

Clipping images is important for online shops to keep the focus on the product and not distract the customers.  Also, it’s a great way to keep the website consistent and professional.

What is image clipping?

Clipping is the process of removing specific image information from an image. This means to separate the background from an object within an image and placing the clipped object on a white, coloured or predefined background. The object can also remain as a cut object with a transparent background.

Benefits and Advantages that image clipping offers to your business:

A busy, or very prominent background, can distract unnecessarily from the actual product which will lead to specific product details being overlooked which could cost you a sale. Also, busy backgrounds create inconsistency which will be unappealing to a potential buyer. Below, you can find the major benefits and advantages of clipping your product images.

  Image clipping allows the focus to be kept on the desired object by eliminating distractions and confusion. When an image has a busy background, it’s hard for the consumer to focus on the main subject, as their attention is distracted by the other features.

 In case there is an undesired object that was not supposed to be in the image, it can be easily removed with clipping.

  Beautiful product images attract customers and this results in more potential sales. If the photo is crisp, clear and in focus, there is a higher possibility for engagement.

  Image clipping gives websites, catalogues, brochures, and posters a consistent and polished look, which promotes brand quality and trust.

  Image clipping is a quick, affordable and easily available service. This is important, as websites are often updated with new products and being able to easily clip your images makes your workflow easier.

 On marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, presenting your products on white backgrounds is part of their guidelines.

Image clipping removes the distracting background and allows the customer to focus on the product.


A “normal” background usually not only shows the product but could also give wrong information or impression about the product. For example, a football enthusiast wants to buy a water bottle and looks in various online stores for sports water bottles. He overlooks a product that’s shown with a muscular model relating to another sport. The potential football fan overlooks the product subconsciously as it does not suit his sport. A clipped product image would have had a neutral background that could relate to anybody.

Why are good images so important for your online store?

Trading online is characterized by strong competitive pressure. Eventually, everybody will be online, and recently more and more retailers have been moving towards getting their products online. Either by creating their online stores and going through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Because of the competitive nature, you will always be in a price war whether you know it or not. The competition is fierce, and if you don’t compete on the industry level, then you might as well not compete. Having great product images and descriptions are crucial to building trust in your brand or store. If a customer trusts your brand, then half of the battle is won. Online you are not able to experience the products first hand, so product images need to substitute your other senses to help the buying process along. Beautiful, honest product images are the nuts and bolts of online trading. 

To achieve an attractive look on your images and be on top of the competitors, image clipping is essential.

Professional image clipping:

The first instinct usually is to try and clip your images yourself. If you only have a few images and the necessary photoshop skills then this could be an option. The problem comes in when you have hundreds or even thousands of images that need to be clipped. Generally, online stores will have hundreds or thousands of products, and each product would need at least one image.

Clipping images is usually an ongoing process because you would add new images as your product range grows and new products become available. Outsourcing your photo editing needs is fast becoming a standard practice for online stores. It’s the most affordable way of clipping images and will save you loads of time. You can process thousands of images within 8-48hours which would normally be impossible to do on your own?

If the above image was uploaded on a website without being clipped, it would look very unprofessional. Image clipping enhances the image and highlights the product’s quality.


When shopping online it’s important to display your products as well as you possibly can, which means going the extra mile to make sure your images are edited professionally and according to the specific standards required. The visual presentation of your product should be done in a way to convert customers and not distract them unnecessarily. Displaying your images professionally and cohesively will help build trust in your brand and ultimately drive more sales.  Also, the image should accurately describe and present your product in order to avoid returns. To achieve this, it’s crucial to have a white background in the product images to attract the buyers’ attention and increase sales.

If you are looking for a professional service to help you with your image editing needs, please contact us. 

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