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Colour correction

Let Doopic you put your products in the perfect light. With colour correction, it’s possible to make your products lighter, darker, brighter, whiter, or even give your products an entirely different tone. Colour balance is essential for having engaging product images.

  Optimisation of hue, brightness and lighting mood
  Adjustment of saturation and colour temperature
  Sharpness correction and contrast enhancement
  Colour profiles optimised for print and web
  Free sample image

When should colour correction
be applied?

Colour correction is especially necessary for products presented in an online store. It’s important to reproduce the colours of the products as realistically as possible to avoid false purchases and guarantee customer satisfaction. However, there are many other reasons why colour correction could be necessary:

Unfavourable environmental conditions during a photo shoot, e.g. disproportionate light exposure

Execution of the technique used or selected settings of the camera were not correct

Conditions for the optimal effect were not possible during the shoot

In cases like these, it’s necessary to match the colour of the subject as close as possible to its original tone by utilising colour correction or contrast adjustment, creating the appearance of optimal shooting conditions. Usually you can only achieve this in post production.

“We perfect the look of your photos”

Colour adjustments can help bring your subject
as close to reality as possible

When colour correcting, we adjust colour errors that could occur while taking the photos. These errors could occur because of various reasons including having the wrong white balance or poor lighting conditions. This can also lead to distortions of the colour scheme in the image.

More product options by changing the colour of your product images

By repainting, we change the colour of your article within the image. This method is ideal for creating colour variations to ensure a consistent presentation of your subject.

Another advantage: You save the cost and time of having to take multiple images of the same product in different shades.

Colour optimisation for impactful images

With colour optimisation, we improve the colour scheme of your image by adjusting the brightness and contrast – without changing the actual colours.

Colour optimisation assists in producing an appealing image to present your subject optimally. Doopic helps you put your products in the right light.

Have your photos optimised for print and web

Depending on the medium, different settings are required to keep the optimum colour of your image. Colours and contrasts may appear different when viewed in print or on-screen.

We correct these differences so your images look good on all mediums.