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How to get your product images

With Connected Retail, Zalando has created the opportunity for retailers to go live on Europe’s largest fashion platform. Doopic offers a simple, professional and affordable solution for product image processing.

Don’t have any
product images?

Take your photos according to Zalando Best Practice Guidelines. 

No need to hire a photostudio to take your product photos. Here are some tips to take great images with minimal effort.

Already have
product images?

If you already have an online store with product images you can easily have them processed by us Zalando-Ready. However, you need to make sure your current images meet the minimum standards required by looking at the Zalando Best Practice Guidelines. 

For example, make sure props do not obstruct your model and angles are not too extreme.

Please note that each product category has its own requirements.

Have images processed

The last step is to get your images processed by Doopic
to make them Zalando-Ready.


Go to my.doopic.com and register your free account.

Free test order

As a new customer, you can place a free test order containing 3 images. Simply click on the “free test ” button and place your order.

Place an order

From the menu on the left select “New Order ”, then select the Connected Retail button and upload your images. The required editing options will already be populated along with the image price.


We will email you know as soon as your images are available for download.

Real world examples

Real examples of partners that went online with Zalando.

Partner A

Already had product images – Doopic processed images Zalando-Ready.

Partner B

Partner B was on a small budget. They took images with a home studio setup and Doopic processed images Zalando-Ready.

Partner C

Partner C needed to get hollowman/ghost mannequin images for Zalando. They took the images with a basic studio set up and Doopic processed the images according to Zalando guidelines.