Image size & cropping

The cropping of images after a shoot is usually necessary in order to bring a specific detail into focus. This process alongside the resizing of the pictures could be especially tedious.  We can assist you with this time-consuming task to help facilitate your workflow.

  •  Processing of large orders
  • Adjust the image size to your requirements
  • All popular formats, for example JPEG, GIF,
    PNG or RAW formats
  • Optimal alignment of your subjects or objects
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The perfect cut for your photos

When having a photo shoot, you rarely get the perfect shot without needing any post-processing. Cropping photos are therefore part of the standard post-processing procedure. At the same time, the impact achieved with professional implementation is enormous. With the help of precisely selected image excerpts, you can effectively direct the eye of the observer to your products focal point. During the shoot, the object or subject detail doesn’t have to be focused on because in post-processing the images can still be optimised by cutting and positioning.

Optimum positioning of
essential image content

Visually appealing
image section

Format adjustments for
social media channels

Ordering process

Doopic offers fast and reliable batch processing of images with an intuitive easy to use interface.

Standard delivery time is 48 hours, or you can choose from one of our express delivery options ranging from 8 – 12 or 24 hours.

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“We can assist in the replacement of the assortment quickly and efficiently.”

Excellent start to
the new season

A new season collection brings loads of new products. We can assist in the replacement of the assortment quickly and efficiently by offering the ability to process large quantities of images in record time.

  • Uniform cropping of clipped product images
  • Professionally selected image sections for your campaign images
  • Easily transfer large amounts of data via FTP server

Crop your photos in the right social media format

All social networks have their specific requirements for the photos, profile pictures, cover pictures, posts and advertisements. We can help adapt your images to all of these formats to the respective specifications of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Twitter. Having the right image sizes will increase your visibility and directly influence the effectiveness of your campaign.

Optimise your image sizes for optimal web presence

Print and online media have very different specifications for their images. Printing of catalogues, posters and high-quality promotional materials require very high-resolution images to ensure optimal image quality. In online media, it is beneficial to optimise large files by adjusting the image size and resolution for optimal effect.

Shortened website loading times
through optimised images

Less memory needed
to display photos

Reduced file sizes in
JPEG, GIF, PNG format

Easy implementation of marketplace guidelines

Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have specific guidelines for image sizes and other technical criteria. Our graphics experts enhance your images for optimal viewing on each channel.

We offer you the option to adjust the image sizes or resolution for images on your online store, catalogue, website, flyer or other media.

Doopic Tip

When having a shoot, you should produce images in the highest resolution possible. Product images with a high resolution can be cropped for specific detailed views, saving you from having to take more pictures with different settings during the shoot.

Professional retouches for your product gallery

To achieve a uniform product view, change the pictures to a consistent format. Applying this gives your entire range a professional look. Doopic can help you bring uniformity to your product images.

  • Optimal positioning of the products
  • Adjusting the image section by cropping for a uniform appearance in detail views
  • Add frame for a unique effect
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