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What is Hollowman Retouching or Invisible Mannequin?

Hollowman Retouching or Invisible Mannequin

The hollowman retouching or ghost mannequin effect is a post-production technique frequently used to display clothing and accessories for e-commerce stores. During the photoshoot, all products need to be shot on a dummy doll or a mannequin. Firstly, the product is captured from the front and then it has to be turned inside out to get a picture of the tags and the lower back. During the post-production, the mannequin will be edited out of the image to focus the attention on the actual product. On the next step, these two images will be combined by getting stitched together on editing software like photoshop. More specifically, the front of the clothing has to be placed on the back to give the appearance that an invisible person is wearing the clothes. The combination of the two images will make the product look realistic and give it a 3D appearance.