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Photo retouching

We will remove any imperfections from your models or objects to give your images a flawless aesthetic look. Send us your requests and leave the rest to us.

  Bust removal for your fashion items on Hollowman
  Removal of lettering or logos
  Add watermarks to secure your copyrights
  Free sample image
  Digital makeover and beauty retouching

More engaging products through
beautiful product images

Despite all your preparation for a photo shoot, there are almost always elements affecting the outcome. Imperfections ruin good product images. Beautiful product images are essential to communicate effectively with your customers without having any face to face contact. Flawless product photos convey quality and create trust, both crucial elements to converting a potential buyer into a customer. Nothing should distract them from buying your product. Our extensive image editing service includes the following:

Dust and scratch removal

Stains and image artefact removal

Remove unwanted reflections

Removal of unwanted objects that obscure your subject

Online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay have clear guidelines to consider before uploading images – we process your images based on their criteria.

Hollowman retouching for a 3D representation of the clothing fit

How high are the pants cut? How does the blouse fit? What cut is the sweater? These are the questions your customers ask during their decision-making process. The customer decides whether they can imagine the garment on them and then make the purchase accordingly. Support your customers during this process by offering them 3D images!

With Hollowman retouching, your clothing will be more impactful than making use of flat shot photography. Your customer will get an accurate presentation of your product, avoiding bad purchases and decreasing return rates.

How is the Hollowman Effect generated?

You take 2 photos of your article of clothing: a photo from the front view of the mannequin and a photo from the back. (The article from the back must be inside out)

Upload both photos onto my.doopic.com

We will remove the visible part of the mannequin from the first image and insert the inside portion from the second image into the first one for a perfect fit, creating the impression of a floating 3D garment

”Support your customers during their decision-making process.“

Make your models stand out with
beauty retouching

Using an attractive model in your images will spark interest and create a familiarity that will translate into your product. Removing imperfections from the skin or enhancing the body shape of your model will create a pleasing image. Standard retouching includes:

Pimples and scars removal

Cellulite, wrinkles and dark circle removal

Blemishes of all kinds

If you wish, we can also beautify the appearance of your model by digitally shaping certain parts of the body, including removing a double chin, unwanted flab or enhance hips or waist.

Hollowman or model? 

Attractive models can embody the image and style that you envision for your brand. Also, they give your customers a better idea of the fit and effect of the garment. There are, however, a few good reasons to use Hollowman retouching instead of product modelling:

Models are expensive and must be re-booked for new products in the collection
Several pictures have to be taken until the look of the model suits the photographer and client, which could drain resources
Not every customer has the same sense of aesthetics and some customers may not be able to identify with the model, the garment fades into the background or the intended effect is missed

You must make a decision based on your goals, your target group and your budget whether to use a model or hollowman. 

Protect your image with watermarks

Photos on the Internet are in danger of being copied and illegally re-used.

Adding watermarks ensures the privacy of your images and integrates a branding element for greater brand recognition.

We will help integrate your personal watermark into your images without distracting from your product.