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Image editing
for photo studios and photographers

Whether you are a photo studio or a freelance photographer we can support you when you have bulk images to edit. If you are struggling to keep on top of your image editing, you can count on us to help you deliver in record time. Doopic offers fast, reliable and affordable image editing solutions.

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Fast and reliable support on all orders, big or small

We know the real work only starts once the shoot is over. On larger shoots such as weddings, corporate events, family events or fashion and product shoots there are often hundreds or thousands of photos to sift through, choose and edit. We can help ease your workload by assisting you with the post-processing.

Whether you want basic retouches on a few images or need thousands of product images clipped, cropped, enhanced and colour matched – we deliver. We guarantee professional, reliable service with delivery on time, every time.

Clipping products and people in various degrees of complexity

Brightness, colour and sharpness correction

Framing of image file format and image size

Marketplace Ready. Optimisation for all common marketplaces

Tone and colour corrections, removal of colour castings. Correcting over– and under-exposed photos

Processing images according to customer specific guidelines

Adding effects such as black and white, sepia and other shades

Removal of fuzz, scratches, cracks etc.

Removal of unwanted background objects such as unwanted people etc…

Skin tones correction and red-eye removal

Retouching and removal of wrinkles, scars, dark circles, blemishes etc…

Body enhancement and retouches (nose, lips, eyes, breasts, hair, etc…

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Don’t waste another minute,
let us help you deliver

How? Easy!

Upload your photos to my.doopic.com

Select your desired image editing specifications

Select the size and format of edited photos

Your photos will be ready in 8-48 hours

Alternatively, you can also call us directly and talk to one of our experienced designers.