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Image editing for your product catalogue

Would you like to present your products in a catalogue? Visually appealing pictures are one of the most critical factors in establishing trust in your product and convincing your customers to take action. Present your products realistically and professionally to maximise effect.

  Clipping and photo retouching for more appealing catalogue images
  Adjustment of saturation and colour temperature
  Colour and contrast optimisation for an overall consistent picture
  Fast 8-48 hours processing time even for large quantity orders

Image editing for fashion catalogues

Fashion catalogues offer customers a wide range of product presentations: from classic catalogue photos with models to laydowns, Hollowman representations and pack shots of accessories. Doopic can help you refine your images to get professional, appealing product images.

  Clipping of models and products
 Skin retouching on model pictures
 Change of background
 Uniform colour correction, contrast selection, image detail, etc.
 Colour adjustments in the post-processing for the representation of different colour variants

Clipping objects with finer details could be extremely time-consuming costing your business time. We have a great team of experienced graphic designers that can offer you a turnkey solution for all your catalogue needs. We guarantee top results in record time.

“Doopic will handle your image editing needs quickly and reliably in up to 8 hours”

Product catalogues images for tools
and electronics

The presentation of technical products in catalogues are mostly 2-dimensional, so for the products and their unique selling points to be highlighted, professional post-processing of the image is required.

More colour options by changing the colour of your product images

 Removal of the background, clipping of the products
 Visual highlighting of product characteristics e.g. material
Detail accuracy as a substitute for haptic experience
 Tools in action e.g. paint mist of a paint spray gun
Colour adjustment to display different colour variations of a
product in the catalogue

Polished steel and chrome surfaces can be given a high-quality effect by adding a slight reflection. The correction of the colour values and contrasts also gives additional detail of the product.