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Mirroring & Shadowing

We can help give your product images that extra little something! With our realistic reflections and shadow effects, your subjects will come into the spotlight to attract the attention of your customers.

Shades with realistic depth
Eye-catching reflections
Create a high-quality effect

Shadowing – Give your pictures a realistic effect


When adding shadows, your images gain a realistic depth effect which gets lost during the cropping & clipping process, making the object stand out. Depending on the subject, creating a professional-looking shadow is often not easy. Let our experienced designers help you create eye-catching product images.

3 Dimensional appearance
of products.

Create an eye-catching
image effect

Easily integrate objects
into picture montages

Shadows give the viewer an indication of the spatial relationships between the object, light source and surface. When objects are separate from their background, they lose their natural location in space. With the help of the correct shadowing, objects can be placed into a picture and give the impression of natural lighting conditions.

“Depending on the object, creating a reflection could be challenging.”

Mirroring – Add a luxurious flair to
your images

Mirroring in an image contributes significantly to the setting of your products scene. Vertical mirroring gives objects more depth, which in return provide a more natural visual experience and also adds value.

product presentation

Give texture
to the product

Correcting the
alignment of objects