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Image clipping –

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Image clipping.
Why image clipping is useful.


For the presentation of your products in your online store or on your website, in your product catalogue or on other advertising material (brochures, posters etc…) clipping is essential.

Highlight your product

A white or solid background will draw your customers attention to your product.


On marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, presenting your products on white backgrounds is part of the criteria for uploading images and achieving good rankings within the marketplace.

Saves you money

Instead of having to take multiple images, the cropped subject can be placed on any background you want saving you time and money.

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Why Doopic?

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Image clipping in different degress of complexity.

The complexity of the object that needs to be clipped determines the amount of time it will take which can vary from a few minutes to an hour. While large-scale objects and those with simple shapes can quickly be clipped, removing objects like people or animals with hair structure and other smaller details will be much more complicated and will, therefore, take more time.

Our graphic designers are incredibly experienced and guarantee great results despite various complexities.

Modern image editing software offers graphic designers with various possibilities to produce professional clippings. With a relatively uniform background and a good contrast to the subject, the clipping is done quickly, however, often the editing is tricky because of the image content. In such cases, more time and experience is required to achieve a good result.

Clipping paths for later processing

With the path tool, the contours of a subject are recorded with a vector path around the object, separating the subject and the subject’s surroundings.

Paths can also be saved within the file for cross-software processing.

Finishing processes in print also use defined clipping paths, for example for embossing or partial coating with UV varnish.

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Masking for the flexible use of your pictures

To clip delicate structures such as hair, fur, fibres or fringes, a soft transition between the background and subject must be created. With such fine details, one resorts to the method of alpha channel masking or various adjustment levels to preserve the natural state of these objects during the release. When masking photos, only intentional image content is displayed, the rest of the image is invisible.

Layer masks can later be adjusted while the original image remains behind the mask. In this way – in contrary to clipping – no image information is permanently removed.